Keys to Living a Healthy and Balanced Lifestyle

Thank you for your interest in our blog post and for taking your time to read and share it with your friends and family. We very much appreciate you for without you our goals would not be accomplished.

What are the keys to living a healthy and balanced lifestyle?

  • Motivation
  • Fuel
  • Exercise
  • Rest & Stress Management

To begin it is important to understand what it is that is motivating us to reclaim our health and to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Why is it that you want to be in good health?

If you can figure out the “why” I believe the how is the easy part.

When we consider the topic of fuel for our bodies we must consider the following elements:

  • Fresh Air
  • Water
  • Food

It is important to get outside and to breathe fresh air. I like to go outside, sit under a tree and practice deep breathing exercises.

A large percentage of our bodies consist of water. That being said it seems obvious the importance water in fueling our bodies. It is said that we need to drink half of our body weight in ounces of water a day.

In a time of lack we eat what is available. I do not personally focus on list of foods not to consume. My approach to food is to focus on nourishment.

Fuel as you can see is far more than simply what you eat.

Our bodies have moving joints that enable us in most cases not to live a sedentary lifestyle. When I talk about exercise I am not talking about expensive routines or gym fees. I am talking about getting up if able and getting moving.

Lastly, Rest not only reinvigorates our mind and bodies but also aides in our bodies healing process.

I hope this blog post helped you in finding the keys to living a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Is there something that you think that I have left out? If so please post it in the comment section below.

Published by Sister Abigail Hester (Willow)

As a child I loved everything to do with the outdoors and was even a part of the Boy Scouts. It was the Boy Scouts that taught me the importance of being prepared. As a teenager I lost my father to a brain aneurysm which sparked an even deeper interest in health and wellness. It was around this time that I found myself living with an herbalist and the rest is history. Willow has a Bachelor of Christian Website Design from Saint Luke Evangelical School of Biblical Studies, a Masters of Theology from Saint Luke Evangelical School of Biblical Studies, a Masters of Comparative Religion from Universal Life Church Seminary, a Masters of Metaphysical Healing from Universal Life Church Seminary, a Masters of Shamanism from Universal Life Church Seminary, and a Doctorate of Religious Humanities from the Educational Department of Universal Life Church International Headquarters. Willow has completed both Herbal Medicine: Nourishing Herbal Infusions – Drink Your Way To Health, Seven Rivers of Healing and Energy Healing: Shaman’s Circle: Earth Spirits and Guides courses at Wise Woman University. Willow is a Certified Biblical Health Coach (Biblical Health Institute), Certified Nutritional Consultant (Life Extension Center), Eat God’s Way Consultant (Life Extension Center), Raw Food Chef (Living in Live Food Chef Certification Program) and Herb Specialist (Natural Health School). Willow has been ordained into the ministry by Universal Life Church International HQ (2000). Willow has also been ordained as a Peace Keeper, a Peace Minister (MP) and a Healing Minister through Luntiang Aghama Natural Divine Arts Shrine Of Healing INC., Philippines. Willow is an Interfaith ChristoPagan Nun.

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