Survival Headquarters

As an avid reader and researcher of spiritual topics I have come to see that the religions of the world are all saying the same things and are pointing us to the same principle: The Golden Rule. They are telling us that we are not going to survive into the next century unless we adopt The Golden Rule as the standard.

The prophets of old are echoing through history telling us that we need to change our course or we are going to see great troubles. It is my belief that we are seeing these troubles daily on the news and are experiencing these troubles in our communities.

Now while things are continuing to get worse there is hope. 

Let us turn our hearts and minds to our Creator, each other , and Mother Earth, and let us work towards healing each other and our planet.

What if there was no electricity?

What if food distribution is shut down?

What if there is a national disaster? 

What if you were attacked by an enemy and had to flee? 

What if you had to survive in the woods?

Think these things through and visualize how you would deal with them. 

Here at the Survival Headquarters River and I will have content discussing apartment homesteading, preparedness, survival for normal people that are preparing for SHTF, WROL, TEOTWAWKI or simply a natural disaster. 

Common concerns for the preparedness minded would be subjects relating to bugging out, the prepper pantry, security, homesteading, communication, budgeting, bushcraft, emergency preparedness and EDC.

Recently, I was reading one of the many books that I have in my Kindle Library about preparedness and the author said something in regard to turning your home into your own Survival Headquarters. I don’t know about you but if I had the choice of either bugging out or staying home in my Survival Headquarters obviously that’s a no brainer. We have put the following information together for you to develop a survival mindset and to assist you in doing the same.

Being fully prepared will give you the confidence to survive against the odds—and allow you to adapt when things go wrong.


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